Friday, July 31, 2015

Swerve by Vicki Pettersson

Posted by Rebecca Brendel

Reviewed by: Andrew Zollman

What I Read: Swerve by Vicki Pettersson

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What It's About: Kristine Rush and her fiancé, Daniel, are making their journey from Las Vegas to Lake Arrowhead, California in the high summer in the Mojave Desert. Everything starts out just like a typical fun road trip together, enjoying the road and the scenery. But when Daniel is abducted at a desolate rest stop, Kristine is forced to choose: return home, never to see her fiancé again, or go on alone to search for him... where a killer lies in wait. Kristine races against time, uncertain if danger lies ahead or behind. What awaits Kristine along her journey through stark darkness? What horrors she will see? Desperate to save her husband-to-be, she must go head-to-head against an unpredictable foe. She'd better hurry, too...because she only has twenty-four hours.

What I Thought: I am what many people would call a scaredy-cat. I avoid trouble at all costs, abstain from anything that would dilute my mind or make my head fuzzy (food poisoning notwithstanding), and make sure I stay safe and cozy at home with a good book or a friend for a movie. This book is everything anathema to my life. Whether it was the setting, the characters, or event that unfolded, this story was seriously creepy and took me out of my happy place. Kristine and Daniel definitely got into the thick of things with their poor decision-making skills.

If there was one thing I got out of this book, is that it was well written and supported by the author to give the reader a seriously wild ride to gnaw their teeth at to the extreme. The story has further given me proof that it is dangerous outside and that there are seriously dangerous people among us, that we don’t actively see. Stay safe out there and avoid rest stops…

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