Monday, July 13, 2015

Patron Picks! Summer Reading 2015, Week 5

Posted by Rebecca Brendel

There's only one week left for summer reading! Be sure to turn in your last book reviews by Saturday, July 18th. If you haven't submitted a book review yet, this week's reviews may provide some inspiration: 

Reviewed by: Dusty W.
What I Read: What the Bible Says About the Future by eChristian Guides
Find it at YCLD: Here!
What I Thought: Excellent! Very simple, short, easy to read! I recommend ALL of the world to read; no matter what language spoken, or what faith practiced. Not to exclude readings from the whole Bible; discerning with the True Translation: The 1611 King James Version is always best! ALL must be warned while there's still time!

Reviewed by: Mea F.
What I Read: Women Who Live in Coffee Shops by Stella Pope Duarte
Find it at YCLD: Here!
What I ThoughtStella Pope Duarte is one of my favorite authors. She is a born and raised Phoenician. She began writing after having a dream about her father, who had passed away, and she was encouraged to write from his message. She is very proud of her culture. I have read all of her books. This book in particular was filled with wonderful short stories. The stories, locations noted and points-of-interest were very relative to me, as I too am a local. The book would be enjoyed by readers from anywhere. Each story seems as if it is perhaps a memory from days past. My favorite stories were Homeage, Mismatched Julian and Confession. Confession was great and paralleled my life growing up in church. I enjoyed being able to put the book down but never loosing my place, as each story was independent of the rest of the stories. Stella puts great substance into each story and there will be one which will sing to your heart personally. Please enjoy her other books as well. She is truly and amazing and proud author.

Reviewed by: Pat M.
What I Read: One Mile Under by Andrew Gross
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What I Thought: I am fond of the author Andrew Gross and his work. This book did not disappoint.
Almost from the first page, the reader is started on a fast paced journey. There is a lot of action with great descriptions of white water rafting - something I had never done - and an extremely unlikely to do -
The story also brought into play fracking and the damage it would do to the environment. It was pertinent to things happening in the U.S.
All in all, a very good book.

Reviewed by: Pat M.
What I Read: Never Die Alone by Lisa Jackson
Find it at YCLD: Here!
What I Thought: This is one of the authors I read and I almost always enjoy her books.
This book had a little convoluted lot but I must say while I usually figure out the end before the end, this one alluded me.
It was quite suspenceful and detailed in its descriptions, especially the torture of the main character.
I would recommend this book to others - great read.

Reviewed by: Patricia M.
What I Read: Season of Fear by Brian Freeman
Find it at YCLD: Here!
What I Thought: This is another I read, but more infrequently than my usual ones. And I normally steer clear of political dramas, with the exception of "House of Cards" and "Scandal" on television.
This book had a good story line but sometimes I found it hard to keep track of the characters.
I just goes to show that the "game of politics" can be dirty and corrupt.

Reviewed by: Maria L.
What I Read: Schindler's List by Thomas Keneally
Find it at YCLD: Here!
What I Thought: Oskar Schindler was responsible for saving the lifes of many Jews, He went broke trying to many Jews. My thought on this story are that Schindler above all had a soft heart and care for people;

Reviewed by: Angela T.
What I Read: The Forgotten Sisters by Shannon Hale
Find it at YCLD: Here!
What I Thought: A great series, Princess Academy, of which this is the third book. The main character, Miri, is called upon to teach three royal cast-offs living in a swamp how to become princesses, to avoid war. An empowering princess story with strong themes of education, strength, (physical and mental) and friendship.

Reviewed by: Barbara Sapp
What I Read: Tail Gait by Rita Mae Brown
Find it at YCLD: Here!
What I Thought: Rita Mae Brown always writes wonderful stories about the animals. I love the way she has them talking, so we understand them. She thinks up great stories, even to include stuff from history, and ties it in with the present's goings on. I just wish she could write them faster, as I always want to read her books first, even if I have several at a time. I really enjoy how she has her pets as the brains behind the outfit helping to solve the mysteries & helps keep her heroine out of trouble!

Reviewed by: Barbara Sapp
What I Read: Picked to Die by Sheila Connolly
Find it at YCLD: Here!
What I Thought: I love Sheila's orchard series books. She makes the little town where the heroine lives, so interesting, quaint, and full of history! I love hearing about the varieties of apples & al the things they have to do to get the crop in, She's another author I wish could get out books faster, as I love her easy style, & I like that she grabs my interest immediately, no matter how she starts out her cozies. And her recipes are fun to read, as well. Some I may just try one day!

Reviewed by: Sandra F.
What I Read: Double Down by Fern Michaels
Find it at YCLD: Here!
What I Thought: This book is an offshoot of the Sisterhoods' series, which I read and loved every one. In this book it not about the girls but about the boys. All who are either husband or boyfriend of the girls. As with the girls they are keeping everything a secret from them. Thanks to Dennis's money they have a secured & fully functional building as a base of operations. There is love, intrigue, upsets, argument and a lot of brotherhood involved. Very good book, Hope for more.

Reviewed by: Michele J.
What I Read: Wisdom from Women in the Bible by John C. Maxwell
Find it at YCLD: Here!
What I Thought: This book is incredible!! I loved it. I feel like I walked along side the author as he experiences what he is writting. I feel like I was there! This book seems to be written just for me. By the Creator Himself! Working through the author. I really feel this is a true experience in the authors life. It happened. Split second time also!!

Thanks to everyone who submitted a review! The last week's worth of patron input will be posted to the blog early next week.