Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Endsinger by Jay Kristoff

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Reviewed by: Andrew Zollman

What I ReadEndsinger: The Lotus War Book Three by Jay Kristoff

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What It's About: As civil war sweeps across the Shima Imperium, the Lotus Guild unleashes their deadliest creation—a mechanical goliath known as the Earthcrusher, intended to unite the shattered Empire under a yoke of fear. Yukiko and Buruu are forced to take leadership of the rebellion, gathering new allies and old friends. But the ghosts of Buruu’s past stand between them and the army they need, and Kin’s betrayal has destroyed all trust among their allies. When a new foe joins the war, it will be all the pair can do to muster the strength to fight, let alone win. And as the earth splits asunder, as armies destroy each other for rule over an empire of lifeless ash and the final secret about blood lotus is revealed, the people of Shima will learn one last, horrifying truth.  An exciting, vivid conclusion to a critically acclaimed series, Endsinger is sure to have fans racing through the pages to savor every last revelation.

What I Thought: The book does a good job of propelling the reader forward from where we last left off in Kinslayer. The third book in the trilogy is edgy and rife with conflict and deceit sure to keep you on edge as you progress through the story. Following Yukiko and her progression as a figurehead within the events throughout the war is interesting and gives the reader a deep view into the triumphs and losses both her and her cohorts face during her struggle. Additionally, I enjoyed the descriptions of the machines and devices used throughout the story in warfare and daily life. It really gets you into the elements of steampunk and industrialized magic. Whichever part of the book you might like, just remember to enjoy the journey but stay for the carnage.

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