Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Closer to Home by Mercedes Lackey

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Reviewed by: Andrew Zollman

What I ReadCloser to Home by Mercedes Lackey

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What it’s About: Mags, a former enslaved orphan who lived a harsh life in mines as a child, has now gotten into his Whites as a Herald; trained under the King's Own Herald as a spy for the kingdom. This is the sequel to Mercedes Lackey’s Collegium Chronicles. Newly established as a Herald at Heralds' Collegium, Mags has found a supportive family, including his Companion Dallen. Although normally a Herald in his first year of Whites would be sent off on circuit, Mags is needed close to home for his abilities as a spy and his powerful Mindspeech gift. There is a secret, treacherous plot within the royal court to destroy the Heralds. The situation becomes dire after the life of Mags' mentor, King's Own Nikolas, is imperiled. Nikolas daughter Amily is chosen as the new King's Own, a complicated and dangerous job that is made more so by this perilous time. Can Mags and Amily save the court, the Heralds, and the Collegium itself?

What I Thought: The book feels like a big picture story but focuses on the characters, their experiences, and how they apply their own skills and talents battle against the plot against the Heralds. The author’s use of Mags and friends as central characters helps to spin and unwind plenty of intrigue as the story progresses. If you are a reader of high fantasy but don’t like all of the gratuitous violence and mature themes, this book will help lead you on with well-developed characters, compelling reason and insight to story and a fun tale to follow. This book is recommended for readers Young Adult to Adult just starting out in fantasy but unsure if it’s right for them. Be aware, Mercedes Lackey does cover controversial topics in her books; however, they are always done in a tasteful manner within the story.

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