Friday, April 10, 2015

Queen of the Dark Things by C. Robert Cargill

Posted by Rebecca Brendel

Reviewed by: Andrew Zollman

What I ReadQueen of the Dark Things by C. Robert Cargill

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What It's About: Screenwriter and noted film critic C. Robert Cargill continues the story begun in his acclaimed debut Dreams and Shadows in this bold and brilliantly crafted tale involving fairies and humans, magic and monsters -- a vivid phantasmagoria that combines the imaginative wonders of Neil Gaiman, the visual inventiveness of Guillermo del Toro, and the shocking miasma of William S. Burroughs. Six months have passed since the wizard Colby lost his best friend to an army of fairies from the Limestone Kingdom, a realm of mystery and darkness beyond our own. But in vanquishing these creatures and banning them from Austin, Colby sacrificed the anonymity that protected him. Now word of his deeds has spread, and powerful enemies from the past--including one Colby considered a friend--have resurfaced to exact their revenge. As darkness gathers around the city and time runs out, Colby has to turn to forces even darker than those he once battled for aid. C. Robert Cargill takes us deeper into an extraordinary universe of darkness and wonder, despair and hope to reveal the magic and monsters around us . . . and inside us.

What I Thought: C. Robert Cargill is all about the story and the characters. Although most of his creations aren’t perfect, it’s the defects and difficulties in their lives that he highlights to make them special. Colby’s character never really had a childhood like anyone else. He never quite fit in, and always shut himself away in a book rather than to deal with humanity and everyone outside his bookstore.

I liked that the author made him into a strong but subtle character with a deep intellect and understanding of his surroundings and the people he meets. The story traveled to far off lands and still hit close to home for each character and their own personal conflicts. I strongly urge you to read Dreams and Shadows  before this book. Even though they are separate novels you will have a greater respect for Colby and his outlook on life and the scary things he has seen in his travels.

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