Monday, March 23, 2015

Night of the Hunter by R.A. Salvatore

Posted by Rebecca Brendel

Reviewed by: Andrew Zollman

What I Read: Night of the Hunter by R. A. Salvatore

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What It's About: R.A. Salvatore's Forgotten Realms Saga continues as dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden returns to Gauntlgrym with old friends by his side once again, as they seek to rescue Bruenor's loyal shield dwarf-turned-vampire. But not only do Drizzt and his allies face a perilous journey through the Underdark and the dangers of the undead that lie within, but they must cross through a colony of drow, who would like nothing better than to see Drizzt Do'Urden dead.

What I Thought: Legend of Drizzt Book #25. The Companions Codex series is one of many in the Drizzt Do’Urden storyline. This particular series restarts the companions of the hall again on an epic adventure. Each individual of the group is born again to a new body with their experience and skills intact. They train and grow to one day meet with one another to help Drizzt. This time however it’s not just men against men, it’s also god against god in this epic adventure.  I would consider this book to be up there in the series of quick reads. The content is dark but also encouraging to all involved and helps the reader (even a new reader) to follow along from the start if they haven’t read the entire Drizzt series. 

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